Fresh from the Market uses 100% electric Nissan ENV-200 vans.  Although much more expensive that the diesel counterpart, suit our business where mileage is not too high as the average speeds in London are quite low.  It does not make a difference if you are travelling in stop/start traffic or if you are going a constant 30mph, the vehicle will do somewhere between 80 and 90 miles to a charge.  A charge will take between 3 and 4 hours from empty.

A side effect of the great increase in internet based commerce is the massive increase in diesel delivery vans clogging our streets.  We would encourage the government to further encourage the use of electric delivery vehicles in central London to try to reduce the impact on the air quality for our children.

Support our stand on electric delivery vans and buy your fresh fish and meat from, in the knowledge that as well supplying the freshest produce, we have the lowest carbon emissions on the market.