Fresh from the Market was launched in south east London at the beginning of 2018.  The founders have been involved in European food production for the past 10 years.  We have had growing frustration with the length of supply chains for fresh food.  With such long supply chains, not only do customers get older “fresh” food but also the personal touch is lost. Even in the “premium” supermarkets, we found fresh produce being raised in one country, slaughtered in another and even packed in a third.  It is already travelling around Europe to suit to the economies of scale of the big supermarkets.  At the less premium supermarkets we have seen scandalous stories of rotten turkeys and falsely labelled chickens.  The fresh fish in a supermarket can be labelled as fresh 10 days after catching – decomposition is well underway and it will smell bad.  Employees don’t have the flexibility to judge the freshness as they need to follow a faceless company procedure.  Our fish are usually no more than 1-3 days after catching and are a completely different product to supermarket fish.

London has the most excellent and historic trade markets in Billingsgate and Smithfields which offer the greatest supply of products both locally and from abroad.  These markets are focussed on supplying trade and restaurants and are open from 2am most mornings.  Our job is to deliver the best of these markets to your doorstep without you having the hassle of buying in bulk and getting up in the middle of the night.

From our well-equipped facility in east London, we ensure all your food comes from the best traders at Billingsgate and Smithfields, All products are bought personally to your order and delivered to your door by us – not via courier.  This means we take responsibility for getting the products to you in the finest condition.  You keep the personal relationship with us and we maintain direct contact with the suppliers as we visit them every morning on your behalf.

It was also important to us to avoid clogging out city streets with evermore diesel delivery vans.  For this reason we are 100% electric and we are the greenest way for you to secure your fresh fish and meat to your home or office.  Currently we are delivering across SE, E and EC postcodes in London and we hope to be expanding that soon.

Join the fresh food revolution and take back control of what you and your families are putting in your mouths! Order only online at