How it works


  • Ordering is required by 1am the day before delivery – that is to say order before 1 am on Wednesday for delivery on Thursday after 12 noon.
  • Unlike other businesses, we do not ask you to sign up to subscription based weekly deliveries. We know that once you have tried our fresh produce you will come back for more, safe in the knowledge that you are consuming the freshest, best tasting products.
  • Please note that due to market opening hours (Smithfield closed on Saturdays), meat delivered on Saturdays will be purchased and packaged on Fridays and kept at ideal temperatures pending delivery.  This is also applicable on Good Friday due to Smithfields closure. Fish will always be delivered same day from the market.


Billing and pricing

  • Market prices change with availability and season. Our prices change with those market variations so you will see some prices change over the year. We ensure to charge a fair price and to pass on reductions when the market prices fall.
  • Having been frustrated ourselves by having expensive fish weighed by fishmongers and then seeing the expensive guts, gills and scales thrown in the bin, we believe more transparent pricing is fair. We weigh our fish net of guts and preparation.  That is to say you are charged for what you get rather than what the fish originally weighed.
  • As we provide fresh produce, the final weights of the goods will only be clear once bought to order and portioned. That is why we provide a range of weights on our product pages.  On checkout you will have an amount blocked on your card until your good are packed the morning of your delivery.  The actual amount charged to your card on the morning of delivery will always be less than the amount blocked and will reflect the price per kg multiplied by the actual weight provided.  The final weights will be provided on your invoice.  If your products weight more than your ordered selection, the added weight will be free of charge.  



  • We take conservation, pollution and preservation of the environment very seriously and seek to minimise our carbon footprint. We run a 100% electric fleet of delivery vans and ensure that, where possible, all our packaging which gets the produce to your kitchen fresh is recyclable or reusable.



  • Signatures will be required on receipt unless delivery note specified at the point of checkout and specific information is given to the driver where to leave products.
  • We are a local business set up by Londoners for Londoners. We know the suppliers who supply us and ensure we take responsibility for providing you with the best products direct from London’s great trade markets – this is the next best thing to living next to a farm and a fishing port.
  • As we consider delivering you the freshest product as our prime objective, we don’t outsource delivery – we deliver ourselves. We take full responsibility to get you the freshest product “fresh from the market”.
  • At present we are only working with standard delivery for most postcodes within the M25.  If you contact us at checkout we should be able to make delivery to other London postcodes but there may be certain time restrictions. We hope soon to be able to extend standard delivery to all postcodes within M25 shortly.
  • As part of the check-out you will be asked to select a delivery slot. Delivery slots will be 3 hour slots (12-3pm, 3-6pm, 6-9pm) which will be confirmed to 1 hour the day before delivery. Deliveries take place Tuesday to Saturday. Note the meat market is closed on Saturdays so for Saturday deliveries your meat products will be sourced on Fridays and immediately packed and refrigerated pending delivery Saturday.



  • Nearly all products are vacuum packed as standard so they remain clean, don’t leak, maximise their fresh life and can easily be frozen with complete freshness retained. If you prefer to minimise single use plastic and do not want the benefits of vacuum packing, please specify products to be wrapped in waxed paper.
  • Vacuum packing has many benefits on maintaining food quality through removing air and oxygen which speed the degradation of fresh food products. We recommend that any vacuum packed items are opened 30 minutes prior to cooking to allow exposure to air and ensure full flavour is delivered in cooking.  Any vacuum packed items which are frozen should be defrosted overnight in the fridge in the packaging.



  • Some products come frozen. Frozen fish will be delivered frozen and will be marked clearly. While packaging should ensure the product remains frozen for 12 hours, we recommend that if these frozen products are going to be stored in the freezer, customers are available to accept delivery and place in the freezer immediately.
  • Fish is best eaten straight away but should ideally be consumed within 2 days if refrigerated. It should still be fresher than anything purchased through any supermarket. If you wish to consume any more than 2 days after delivery, we would recommend freezing the vacuum packed packaging and defrost before consumption – this will maximise freshness. Maintain the product in vacuum packaging for maximum freshness and to avoid the fans in the fridge drying it out. If frozen retain packaging and consume within 1 month.