Brown Crab live

Freshest Brown Crab in London.  Live shell fish are not sold vacuum packed.


Brown crab is native to the UK. Males (Cocks) contain more white meat than the female hens and are generally preferred.  Other crab such as spider crab and snow crab are available to special order – contact us for details. Before cooking live crab, RSPCA recommends they are placed in the freezer for 2 hours to render them unconscious.  Prior to cooking, insert a pointed rod (such as a kebab skewer) just above the mouth and push to the back of the shell.  They can either be boiled in heavily salted boiling water or the claws and body meat can be removed and steamed or stir fried.  Our crab are sold live and will not be vacuum packed (although see separate listing for cooked crabs).  Dressed crabs are available as are crab claws.


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