Halibut (Fillet)

The freshest wild halibut in London bought to order on the day of delivery fresh from Billingsgate market. Worth the extra cost!  Sold filleted and vacuum packed ready for your fridge or freezer. Usually this is a sold in fillets (half side) although sometimes it might be a piece off a larger loin – depending what is available in the market on the day.


Atlantic Halibut is the largest of the flatfish and a real treat to serve at home.  It is one of the most highly regarded of fish by high end restaurants.  It is a tasty fish with creamy-white, firm meaty flesh. Our fish which are the best quality and largest fish (3kg-70kg) are wild and usually caught by line, which makes their supply restricted and therefore increases the market price. Halibut is available all year round but at its best in autumn and winter months.   Our fillets will usually be  whole fillets of smaller fish 3-4kg but might be a loin from a larger fillet – depending on availability on the day.

Simple cooking is best.  Poaching with fish stock or white wine sauce works well as does pan-frying fillets.


Contact us for enquiries for buying whole halibuts – 4-10+kg for that special occasion.


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