£36 /kg

Langoustines, sweeter, softer meat than a lobster, bought to order and delivered straight from Billingsgate market.

TOTAL: £36

Langoustine look a bit like king prawns but are actually part of the lobster family.  Ours usually weigh around 70-80g each so you get 13-14 to a kg. This is a luxurious delicacy and are fantastic served lightly steamed whole with lemon and mayonnaise.  The tail meat has a sweet taste  and a prawn like texture, the claws just taste of heaven!  A more thoughtful and tasty choice that lobster – one of our favourite products.  These are supplied fresh but not live.  We can supply live langoustines but please contact us in advance as they may require special ordering.  Make this the centrepiece of a special meal.  Buy your freshest langoustines direct to your door from Billingsgate market.

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