Lobster (live)

Freshest live lobster in London – direct from Billingsgate market.  Live shellfish are not delivered vacuum packed.


The ultimate wow dish at a dinner table must be the lobster. Our lobster are either UK locally caught or sometimes north American from Canada down to Maine.  Between them there is year round availability.  These lobster are supplied live  and the RSPCA recommends they are placed in the freezer for two hours  to render them unconscious.  Then before boiling, drive a sharp pointed knife through the cross on the head (death is instantaneous).  This method prevents suffering and means the meat stays tender.  The lobster should then be plunged into heavily salted water.  Alternatively you can halve it and grill, or remove the claws and body meat and steam or stir fry.  Alternatives (although not the same!) are crawfish and crayfish. These lobster are live and will not be vacuum packed.


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