King Prawns (raw) 16-20

£14 /item

Frozen king prawns – the best in London delivered to your door direct from Billingsgate market. Sold by the kilo with 16-20 items in each.

TOTAL: £14

King prawns are warm water and  farmed in east asia.  They are frozen at source to ensure ultimate freshness and then flown to UK.  Defrost them as you use them, they are delicious grilled, in stir fries or wherever takes your fancy!  Anything bought non-frozen in UK will have been already thawed so frozen is best. The number refers to how many you get in a kilo. 1 kg of frozen will deliver a net weight of 700g.  Other sizes including giant tiger prawns are also available – contact us for details.  If you are going to consume them straight away you can specify these defrosted.  In this case they will be defrosted by the market suppliers and you will not pay for the glaze which means you will get 1kg of prawn for each kg ordered – the price is the same.


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