Salmon side (Fillet)

The freshest salmon in London bought to order on the day of delivery fresh from Billingsgate market.  Sold filleted and vacuum packed ready for your fridge or freezer. Let us know if you want this cut into separate packs.


Our salmon fillets are farmed salmon which has been filleted and deboned.  The fish you will be supplied will be perfect for a centrepiece if cooked whole or equally it can be cut into parts of appropriate size with some eaten immediately and some frozen for a later day.  Let us know how you want it packed.  Sides generally weigh between 1.3 and 2.0 kg.  Salmon is very healthy with high levels of Omega-3.  Our salmon is usually Norwegian which means it is produced with almost zero antibiotics. It is available all year round and believe us this tastes very different to what is supplied in the supermarkets!  Also look for our whole farmed salmon and contact us if you are looking for wild salmon which is available special order.

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