King Scallops (without shells)

£41.00 /kg

The freshest King Scallops in London bought to order on the day of delivery fresh from Billingsgate market. 1 scallop is approx. 40g. 500g approx. 12 pieces.

TOTAL: £41

Our King Scallops may not have their shells but still make a delicious starter simply pan-fried with salt and butter. The meat is firm, translucent, off-white meat wrapped with a bright orange roe which is also edible but with a different taste and texture. These make a superb starter with or without the shell with the meat having a sweet delicate flavour or equally add them to a pasta dish.  Minimal cooking is required, steamed pan-fried or grilled.  Availability is all year round.  See also scallops in half shells.


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