Sea bass wild line caught

The freshest wild seabass in London bought to order on the day of delivery fresh from Billingsgate market. Wild seabass is a treat you must try.  Line caught from UK day boats it is the pinnacle of the coldwater roundfish.


This line caught wild seabass is brought in by British day boats and rushed to the market.  Usually this fish was swimming in the sea the day before delivery to your door.  They are line caught off UK day boats.  Weights are generally 1.5-2.5kg and they will feed up to 6 people with generous portions.  Get a fish steamer and this will be one of the easiest fish to cook.  This is one of our personal favourites. Steam of one these and have it as a centrepiece to a meal with family or friends and it will be sure to impress. Most wild seabass are in the region of 1.5kg to 2.5kg before preparation and will have a much stronger taste and less fat than their farmed counterparts.  Try it once and you will need to come back again.  The wild seabass is at its best August through to March. We will provide the wild sea bass, scaled and cleaned unless you request to do this yourself (part of the joy in our opinion!).



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