Tuna – Sashimi Grade

£30.00 /kg

Sashimi grade tuna – perfect for searing or sashimi. Delivered to your door bought to order direct from Billingsgate market.

TOTAL: £30

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest tuna loins with deep red colour and clean flavour. ‘Sashimi grade’ means that this tuna can be eaten raw although it is also excellent cooked. Unless requested otherwise, our sashimi is previously frozen to kill potential parasites which makes it safer to eat raw but this means is should not be refrozen. It is perfect for turning into sushi on the first couple of days after purchase and then searing which will give a tasty, lean and healthy meal. 1kg disappears fast for tuna lovers.  Colour may vary depending on where it has been cut from the fish.  This tuna is previously frozen and is best consumed immediately.  For best selection order for delivery Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday although other days should be available.


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