Wild Turbot Whole

The freshest wild turbot in London bought to order on the day of delivery fresh from Billingsgate market. Sold cleaned and vacuum packed ready for your fridge or freezer. 


Comparable only to a halibut in terms of reputation among the flat fish, Turbot is another real treat for your dinner table.   Often regarded as the very best of flatfish, with great flavour and firm, white flesh.   The dark side is studded with bony tubercles which differentiate it from the similar looking brill.

Wild turbot is usually available, sourced from the south coast of UK and size ranges from 1.0kg to 3.0kg. If not available you will be substituted with the farmed product.  The texture is similar to Halibut although it has a slightly stronger taste.  It is easier to cook than some fish given it retains moisture during cooking meaning it is less likely to dry out.  This is supplied cleaned and vacuum packed. 


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